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Bootstrapper's tales

The tales of an indie hacker on a quest to create a side business

Hi! I’m a Product Manager at Google by day and a bootstrapper by night on a quest to create a side hustle.

My goal is to learn by doing. The plan is simple: think, try, learn and iterate. And in the process, share my efforts and insights with you.

Throughout my career I have been working in creating valuable products, so the process is not strange to me. However, I always had “training wheels”. Whether it’s in big tech or a small startup I’ve always had a great starting point and easy access to users.

So I’m curious:

  • How do you build something from scratch?
  • How do you reach your target audience without a marketing budget?
  • How do you really know if a product will work without easy access to users?

All of these questions and more I plan to explore simply by creating stuff and see what works.

Join me on my quest!

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