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#003 Programmatic SEO and Linkable Assets - My plan to generate 100k monthly visits and sell

How I plan to build my SaaS as a marketing asset that could generate +100k monthly visits and sell

The Previous Chapter

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about jobGen - a job description generator I developed for my wife.

Since then I did a few customer interviews and learned how my users interact with jobGen. I've yet to find my target audience (beyond my wife). There aren't many people who write enough job descriptions to pay >$10 a month for jobGen.

The Revelation

Despite that, I've discovered huge value.

jobGen is a marketing asset to HR SaaS/consulting companies. In fact, several founders of HR services reached out to me about it.

You see, maybe only few people write a lot of job descriptions. But, a lot of people write a few job descriptions. And these are exact target market of HR companies/services. Exactly at the right time as well - when they are getting ready to hire.

jobGen can provide valuable traffic. In volumes. Of people who hire.

So maybe jobGen is not SaaS, but a great linkable asset to promote SaaS (or any recruitment services).

What's a linkable asset? I'll let Ahref explain

jobGen can generate traffic in three distinct ways:

  1. Marketing Tool: As a free tool, jobGen can be promoted on blogs, news sites, slack groups, etc. So for someone who is selling HR services, it's much easier to promote jobGen and then leverage the traffic to sell their main service.
  2. Link Building Tool: When external websites link to jobGen (see #1), not only that you enjoy the traffic, but also these links build domain authority for SEO. Increasing domain authority boosts all other SEO efforts and can provide exponential benefits.
  3. Long-Tail Programmatic SEO: jobGen is a database for job descriptions. I can automatically generate thousands of job description templates, targeting long tail keywords like "Java developer job description template". Quick analysis shows that I could probably rank for hundreds of thousands of monthly searches, spread across thousands of keywords.

The Strategy

So by now my strategy may be obvious. Develop jobGen as a marketing asset so I can sell it. There are already 2 companies that are interested (early stage - not sure if anything will pan out).

As a first step I generated hundreds of templates. I don't want to do PR (i.e. #1, #2) yet, as this is best to be done by the buyer. Under the new domain.

While waiting for SEO to kick-in, I'll be working on my next project. Check out ufeed.app